Explore the past, present, and future of ethanol fuel in: Sustainable Ethanol (ISBN: 978-0-9786293-0-4). Check out reviews at the New Great Books site and drivingethanol.org. Order your copy through online vendors such as:

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I read your book and found it very informative and well-researched. I already had some idea about ethanol's capabilities from reading about racing engines and my background in automotives. Your book was very in depth and helped me to understand more about it. It is just unbelieveable how much inaccurate information is posted on the Internet about ethanol! I'm convnerting my truck over in the next week to E85 and if everything goes well I may raise my compression next year to get some more power and mileage. Anyway, great job on the book. Brian Peroceschi - Eagan, MN

Jeff Goettemoeller said...

Thanks for the kind words, Brian. Misleading information is indeed increasingly being disseminated about ethanol. I hope it doesn't squash the new technologies that could soon revolutionize the making and using of ethanol. I hope your truck conversion goes well! -- Jeff Goettemoeller

The Independent said...

Jeff, all I did to my truck was have the computer reprogrammed and optimized for E85. I've been running E85 for some time now and no problems. I should have written down the mileage, but I would say it was about 15,000 miles ago. Also, since the computer was optimized for E85 (I can't run gas anymore) the truck has much more power. The programmer said I should expect about 60 - 70 more horsepower. My truck is a big block 8.1 liter, 496 cubic inches so HP was 340 on gas. I would not doubt that it did jump 60 - 70 as was claimed. Mileage went from 13 - 14 highway to about 11.5. I'm still thinking about increasing compression to get some of that mileage back and get even more power. It sure is fun to drive now! I wish they would promote the performance advantages of E85 more. Brian Peroceschi, Eagan, MN.

Jeff Goettemoeller said...

Thanks for the report, Brian. When we can get more power by optimizing for E85, that means we could get adequate power from a smaller engine. This is the primary way that miles per gallon could be improved. If only car companies would design with that in mind. Some car makers are beginning to go in that direction. It's also great that you've had so many miles without trouble.

sathyam shonkho said...

CEO of Prodigy Oil and Gas, Mr. Shawn Bartholomae, has his own ideas about the ethanol
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"All the ethanol brouhaha began before the US's resurgence into the oil and gas market place,
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